Women's Short & Colorful Tutu's

The Vibrant Colors!
Most of the tutu's are tulle material or basic netting. What makes a tutu raise in price is often the number of layers, and the quality of the netting.
If the netting is of soft organza, it is closer to silk to the touch, yet durable for performances. Often used with the longer tutus. With the shorter tutus, because organza is so light, organza is often used more on top of the tutu, in some sort of design.
Shorter tutus are often made of stiffer bristle netting, which is tougher and more held into place.
Here are some very popular
companies offering "inexpensive" tutu's:

Perfect Day Womans Tutu
Symplicity Woman's Classic
Runners Tutu
Dancina Women's Organza
Dressever Vintage
Adult Classic Tulle
Dressystar Womens
Buenos Ninos Sexy

Glues or starches are sometimes used for the ultra expensive ballerina tutus, as they often hold extra items or material for designs.
Scratchier netting is often found with the cheaper tutus. This type of skirting may be just fine for one night occasions, such as Halloween. However, if used for a ballet costume with several performances, for example, it could become extremely un-enjoyable to dance in. Tulle netting itself has thinner or thicker densities also, and those tiny circle shapes may be smaller or larger, all of which can change the flow of the tutu.

womens short and colorful tutus

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