Women's Professional Tutus

Finally, the Classical Performance tutu's!
There are only a few companies online offering these amazing professional tutu's, that are all really lavish, with full bodice corsets. What a treat for ballerinas everywhere, to be able to buy these online.
The Tutu Companies:
Dance Favorite
Odile Tutu

Finding them in stock:
The professional tutus are often listed as: unavailable or only 1 left" in-stock, meaning, some of the direct links to purchase the tutus immediately, may be unavailable, until they re-order again.
Reason being, they're individually sewn and hand-crafted, making them a rare item, therefore, you may need to contact the seller directly through phone or email, for selected ordering online.
ballet performance tutus

Performance Tutu's

via Amazon, a few are available
Searching through the hand-crafted artisan link could also help.

It's difficult to locate custom-made tutu's through the big sites online, as they are mixed-in with too many non tutu oddities.
Etsy has quite a few custom-sewn tutu's, ranging up into the thousands.
However, I cannot link directly to them, as they prefer links with full page reviews for their site.
The French store of " Repettos " in Paris, has quite a few outstanding costume pieces, very trendy and with lots of frills, as well as being very glamorous.
The online shop from Britain " Zkaka.com " offers a pretty black rehearsal tutu without a bodice, that could be further designed; & very good to free shipping rates.


Good luck in your search.
Best Regards, Therese Vaux de la Fontaine

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Aurora, in her rose adage, from Sleeping Beauty: