Women's Professional Tutus

Finally, the Classical Performance tutu's!
There are only a few companies online offering these amazing professional tutu's, that are all really lavish, with full bodice corsets. What a treat for ballerinas everywhere, to be able to buy these online.
The Tutu Companies:
  • Dance Favorite
  • Odile Tutu
Finding them in stock:
The professional tutus are often listed as:
"unavailable or only 1 left" in-stock,
meaning, some of the direct links to purchase the tutus immediately, may be unavailable, until they re-order again.
Reason being they are more rare,
therefore, you may need to contact the seller directly through phone or email, for select ordering online, later, when the unavailable tutu has been re-stocked and re-listed:
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Aurora, in her rose adage, from Sleeping Beauty:
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Crafting and Sewing links: