Formal Tulle Gowns

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Tulle gowns; for romantic engagement parties, brides-to-be and bridesmaids. Our long gown assortment range is mostly white and floor length.
While searching for the perfect gown, the hoop style can come in handy as the dress actually picks itself up. The hoops can bounce around though, over the flowing variety.
"As the air fancies our dreams, the dress holds the keeper."
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Formal Gown Companies:
  • Bessdress
  • Dressyever
  • Dresstells
  • Feeshow
  • Firose
  • Jaeden
  • JYdress
  • Kissbridal
  • Lovelybride
  • Tbgirl
  • Vimans
  • Yipeisha
Perhaps some of the largest tutu gowns in the world, in these 2 photos. With a hoop and the other without. The gown of the right, appears to have been photographed in an exotic location; of either Mexico, Puerto Rico or Italy.

Which brings traveling up, if your having a wedding abroad with such a large dress. Chances are UPS, Federal Express or Dhl, can handle the shipping event.
Don't forget: the larger the gown, such as with a princess gowns shown above; there maybe a need for bridal party assistants also, due to the weight.
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