Ballet Coloring Books

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Fun ideas for ballet schools and gifts for ballet dancers are coloring books.
Here is a list from a few interesting coloring books on the market:
  • Ballerina Coloring Book
  • Ballet Class Coloring Book
  • Ballet Sweet & Fairies Dancing Coloring Book
  • Beautiful Dancer Coloring Book
  • Dancing Animals of Kianthor Kingdom
  • Fairies Coloring Book
  • Favorite Ballets Coloring Book
  • My Ballerina Friends
  • Nutcracker Coloring and Craft
  • Pretty Ballerinas: Beautiful Ballerinas
  • Story of the Nutcracker Coloring Book
  • Swan Lake Coloring Book
The Ballet Sweet & Fairies Dancing Coloring Book
A book with 2 ballet stories, approximately 22 ballet characters to color with crayons or pens. The ballet stories can be used for skits.
The Dancing Animals of Kianthor Kingdom
Is a cute coloring book with about 11 ballet dancing characters, dressed up in their animal costumes.
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Other popular dancing books can be found with search terms from the actual ballets themselves, such as, "the Nutcracker", "Sleeping Beauty", "Cinderella", aside from just "Classical Ballet".
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